Buy Points | Wyndham Rewards

Never run short on points again.

Have you ever found yourself a few points shy of a free night stay or other reward? Well, you can turn that frown upside-down because you can now buy or gift points to others!

buy points

Buy points for yourself

Are you close to reaching your next rewards goal? Buy points now (may we suggest using the Wyndham Rewards® Visa® Card?) to top up your account and earn a free stay or any reward sooner. The freedom to gain points faster is yours.

Be sure to allow pop-ups on so you can buy points.

gift points

Gift points to others

Looking for that perfect gift? Bring your family and friends closer! Purchase points for friends or family and help the special people in your life get rewards faster!

Be sure to allow pop-ups on so you can gift points.

claim points

Claim points you received as a gift

Did you receive Wyndham Rewards points as a gift? Someone must really like you! Go claim your points now.

Be sure to allow pop-ups on so you can claim points.

Buy or Gift Points