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Guaranteed Rewards. Every day. Every stay.

What exactly is Guaranteed Rewards? Well, for each and every qualified stay, you'll get enough points to redeem for something snazzy! It's as easy as stealing candy from a baby!

Guaranteed Rewards

Rewards begin with as few as 250 points!

Looking for lightning-fast rewards? Redeem after just one stay for:

  • Travel Accessories - from 250 points
  • Music Downloads - from 340 points
  • Magazines - from 600 points

Patience is a virtue. You can also keep saving your points to redeem for:

  • Free Nights - starting as low as 5,500 points!
  • Gift Cards
  • Airline Miles
  • Merchandise

Redeem points

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Wyndham Rewards is the only travel rewards program that offers Guaranteed Rewards with just one qualifying stay.

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